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The Enterprise Journals

Live long, prosper, and get your damn feelings out on paper.

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A nuTrek diary-style RP.
Welcome to the Enterprise Journals, an RP community in diary format. We're pretty informal here, and we definitely don't bite, so hop on in and join the fun!

This bio's under construction right now, 'cause the community's brand new, but keep checking back for rules and stuff. Well, there's my two cents; I'm leaving this in the hands of Commander Spock if he wants to add anything. Kirk out!


Captain, your use of the phrase "we do not bite" would appear to be very poorly used in this instance. As this is a community created on a social networking website, where it is unlikely any of the persons involved will ever meet each other in real life, the only place where biting would be physically possible, (albeit still extremely improbable,) it does not seem a proper injection into your writing.

Other than that, your information seems sufficient. Although, I should say to those of you reading this who happen to be interested in joining this endeavor, if you have come here looking for the guidelines and rules, you would be better suited to visit this page, where the captain and I have compiled and will continue compiling such things: http://community.livejournal.com/deardiary_st_xi/276.html?view=276#t276


I should bite you for saying that, Spock.

ANYWAY. We now have affiliates! And if anyone else wants to, please, don't hesitate to PM me or Spock.




To attempt to "bite me" would be a very foolish and fruitless use of your time, captain.